PDF icon 9-13-21 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 137 Gilson Road382.53 KB
PDF icon 8-16-21 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 8 Jay Road379.61 KB
PDF icon 7-26-21 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 23 Vinal Ave.358.93 KB
PDF icon 6-17-21 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 129 Stockbridge Road456.72 KB
PDF icon 6-1-21 Site Plan Administrative Review, 43 Watch Hill Drive - Inly School, Toddler Facility340.5 KB
PDF icon 3-31-21 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling, 63 Scituate Ave.363.42 KB
PDF icon 2-16-21 Special Permit VCN, Gas Backwards and Stormwater Permit - 48-52 New Driftway2.46 MB
PDF icon 1-26-21 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 418 Country Way363.84 KB
PDF icon 1-15-21 Site Plan Waiver, Scituate Food Pantry, 327 First Parish Road976.11 KB
PDF icon 12-15-20 Special Permit Village Center & Neighborhood District, 18 Ford Place2.34 MB
PDF icon 12-14-20 Special Permit Modification - 6 MacDonald Terrace86.5 KB
PDF icon 12-9-20 Site Plan Waiver Widows Walk Golf Course, 250 Driftway76.35 KB
PDF icon 11-23-20 Special Permit Mixed Use - 14-16 Old Country Way3.4 MB
PDF icon 11-3-20 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling,16 Gannett Road381.66 KB
PDF icon 6-30-20 Special Permit Residential Compound Development 0 Country Way and 0 Rear Country Way1.16 MB
PDF icon 6-11-20 Special Permit Common Driveway and Stormwater 443-461 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy23.33 MB
PDF icon 3-12-20 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling, 755 First Parish Road2.32 MB
PDF icon 3-12-20 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling, 304 Clapp Road2.13 MB
PDF icon 3-2-20 Site Plan Administrative Review Common Driveway & Stormwater 115 Grove Street5.29 MB
PDF icon 1-17-20 Site Plan Administrative Review, 111 Front Street, Hibernian Tavern113.5 KB
PDF icon 12-12-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 355 Hatherly Road3.38 MB
PDF icon 10-24-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 8 Carver Ave2.14 MB
PDF icon 10-10-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 15 Egypt Ave2.11 MB
PDF icon 9-18-19 Site Plan Administrative Review - Senior Center - 327 First Parish Road9.72 MB
PDF icon 9-3-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 10 Woodworth Lane273.42 KB
PDF icon 8-8-19 Mixed Use Special Permit - 247 Driftway - The Residence at Driftway Place, LLC (Drew Company)2.18 MB
PDF icon 7-17-19 Site Plan Administrative Review, Well 17A - Tack Factory Pone Drive2.77 MB
PDF icon 7-15-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 67 Old Oaken Bucket Road437.39 KB
PDF icon 5-22-19 Site Plan Administrative Review Decision 167 Driftway - Dog Park2.31 MB
PDF icon 5-9-19 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling 25 Mann Hill Road2.55 MB
PDF icon 4-17-19 Mixed Use Special Permit 60 Country Way602.32 KB
PDF icon 3-14-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 185 First Parish Road2.28 MB
PDF icon 2-15-19 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 21 Cole Parkway (aka 1 Cole Parkway)314.42 KB
PDF icon 1-15-19 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling 27 Hood Road2.16 MB
PDF icon 12-12-18 Mixed Use Special Permit 6 MacDonald Terrace5.67 MB
PDF icon 12-3-18 Site Plan Administrative Review, 8 Allen Place - Mullaney's Fish Market702.48 KB
PDF icon 11-13-18 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 16 First Ave.239.15 KB
PDF icon 10-15-18 Common Driveway 92 Neal Gate Street192.25 KB
PDF icon 9-17-18 Site Plan Administrative Review 52 Country Way - Gunther Tooties2.57 MB
PDF icon 9-17-18 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 10 Driftway225.27 KB
PDF icon 6-26-18 Roach Field SPAR and Stormwater Decision 1.3 MB
PDF icon 5-29-18 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 184 Country Way203.36 KB
PDF icon 5-17-18 Seaside at Scituate - Toll Brothers - Residential Cluster Special Permit Decision1.62 MB
PDF icon 5-10-18 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 7 Elm Park386.56 KB
PDF icon 2-20-18 Curtis Estates - 90 Ann Vinal - Flexible Open Space Development Special Permit717.65 KB
PDF icon 1-19-18 Small Cell Attachment Adjacent to 14 Allen 373.47 KB
PDF icon 1-19-18 Small Cell Attachment Adjacent to 26 Kenilworth370.34 KB
PDF icon 1-19-18 Small Cell Attachment Adjacent to 32 Harvard382.35 KB
PDF icon 8-24-17 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 2 Cedar Crest Lane840.01 KB
PDF icon 7-17-17 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 15 Tenth Ave383.09 KB
PDF icon 7-3-17 Revised Site Plan Approval 4 Union Street135.26 KB
PDF icon 6-27-17 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 20 Deer Common Drive210.84 KB
PDF icon 6-26-17 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 33 Barker Rd202.8 KB
PDF icon 6-13-17 Site Plan Review 10 Marshfield Ave171.9 KB
PDF icon 3-13-17 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 3 Garden Rd406.88 KB
PDF icon 3-2-17 Accessory Dwelling Spec Permit 97 Edward Foster Rd216.43 KB
PDF icon 12-28-16 Site Plan Review 93 - 97 First Parish Rd170.95 KB
PDF icon 10-19-16 Common Driveway Site Plan 704 Country Way169.02 KB
PDF icon 8-29-16 Stormwater Permit 182 - 186 First Parish Road288.17 KB
PDF icon 8=26=16 Common Driveway Plan 182 - 186 First Parish170.94 KB
PDF icon 8-16-16 Site Plan Administrative Review 6 Old Country Way373.72 KB
PDF icon 8-15-16 Mixed Use Special Permit 21 - 23 Ford Place510.58 KB
PDF icon 7-25-16 Residentl Compnd Developmnt Spec Permit 105 Hatherly RD652.45 KB
PDF icon 4-21-16 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 330 Gannett Rd196.05 KB
PDF icon 2-4-16 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 9 Blanchard Farm Lane558.07 KB
PDF icon 10-9-15 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 11 Elm Park469.21 KB
PDF icon 9-30-15 Public Safety Complex 800 CJ Cushing HWY1.9 MB
PDF icon 9-30-15 Scituate Middle School 460 First Parish - 606 C J Cushing1.8 MB
PDF icon 9-17-15 Site Plan 13 Ford Place449.78 KB
PDF icon 9-15-15 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 435 First Parish796.8 KB
PDF icon 7-24-15 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 13 Trysting Rd452.44 KB
PDF icon 6-18-15 Common Driveway Special Permit 35 Dreamwold966.03 KB
PDF icon 6-17-15 Inly School Classroom Addition 46 Watch Hill Drive512.64 KB
PDF icon 5-29-15 Site Plan 5-7 Otis Place-105 Front Street Pete's Mediteranean Fresh104.61 KB
PDF icon 5-21-15 Mixed Use Special Permit 50 Country Way2.87 MB
PDF icon 4-2-15 Common Driveway Special Permit 529 - 531 Country Way884.96 KB
PDF icon 3-31-15 Site Plan Library Expansion 85 Branch Street420.61 KB
PDF icon 3-13-15 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 44 Rebecca Rd658.59 KB
PDF icon 12-19-14 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 380 Country Way182.76 KB
PDF icon 12-15-14 Greenbush Park Definitive Subdivision Plan 50 Country Wy882.83 KB
PDF icon 12-15-14 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 253 Hatherly Rd182.87 KB
PDF icon 9-17-14 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 113 Arborway Dr394.58 KB
PDF icon 8-25-14 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 345 Hatherly Rd311.86 KB
PDF icon 5-30-14 Definitive Subdivision Modification Col. Mansfield Est. 444.25 KB
PDF icon 5-14-14 White Ash Farm Flexible Open Space Plan 305 Country Wy919.51 KB
PDF icon 5-12-14 Blanchard Farm Estates Definitive Subdivision 40 Curtis590.27 KB
PDF icon 5-12-14 Blanchard Farm Estates Definitive Subdivision 40 Curtis332.2 KB
PDF icon 2-3-14 Benjamin Studley Farm Definitive Subdivision 214 Clapp Rd268.47 KB
PDF icon 2-3-14 Benjamin Studley Farm Definitive Subdivision 214 Clapp Rd639.48 KB
PDF icon 1-13-14 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 65 Hollett202.07 KB
PDF icon 6-27-13 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 12 Salt Marsh Hill229.86 KB
PDF icon 5-23-13 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 147 Border Street202.08 KB
PDF icon 4-29-13 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit 7 Pennycress Road177.57 KB
PDF icon 4-29-13 Site Plan Waiver 3 Mill Wharf Plaza Unit N11 - Be Well Studio322.99 KB
PDF icon 4-22-13 Common Driveway Administrative Review 543 & 543R Country Way98.33 KB
PDF icon 1-25-13 Stormwater Permit 568 First Parish Road - Lot 1184.65 KB
PDF icon 12-17-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 33 Garden Road303.74 KB
PDF icon 12-11-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 562 First Parish Road295.71 KB
PDF icon 12-11-12 Site Plan Administrative Review, 17 New Driftway - JW's Wood Fired Pizza93.81 KB
PDF icon 11-5-12 Stormwater Permit, Hatherly Road(Map-Block-Lot 14-1-17)200.09 KB
PDF icon 9-27-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 5 Third Ave183.71 KB
PDF icon 6-18-12 Special Permit Accessory Dwelling 8 Claymore Terrace209.68 KB
PDF icon 5-15-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 41 Mordecai 185.17 KB
PDF icon 5-7-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 130 Country Way132.88 KB
PDF icon 5-7-12 Decision 77 Border 43.27 KB
PDF icon 5-7-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit145.49 KB
PDF icon 5-7-12 Decision Stockbridge Road Sidewalk Improvement48.96 KB
PDF icon 4-3-12 Stormwater Permit 353 Hatherly Road35.71 KB
PDF icon 3-23-12 Site Plan Waiver 301 Driftway33.81 KB
PDF icon 3-9-12 Site Plan Waiver 788 Country Way34.65 KB
PDF icon 2-24-12 Site Plan Administrative Review, 25 Mill Wharf Plaza 60.4 KB
PDF icon 2-24-12 Site Plan Administrative Review - Common Driveway 277-283 Chief Justice Cushing Hw/18 Old Oaken Bucket Rd79.67 KB
PDF icon 1-17-12 Site Plan Administrative Review - Riva Pizzeria47.59 KB
PDF icon 1-13-12 Site Plan Waiver, 153 Jericho Road35.18 KB
PDF icon 1-13-12 Accessory Dwelling Special Permit, 5 Third Ave131.16 KB
PDF icon 1-13-12 Stormwater Permit, 8 Border St112.67 KB
PDF icon 1-13-12 Site Plan Waiver 371-375 Gannett Road Luxury Nails & Spa35.07 KB
PDF icon 1-12-12 Stormwater Permit 49 Booth Hill Road26.96 KB