Charter Review Committee

The mission of the Scituate Charter Review Committee (SCRC) is to ensure an appropriate, effective and accountable organizational structure of Scituate Town government for its residents and constituents and to recommend to the Selectmen and Town Meeting suggested changes. Changes so approved shall be sent to the state legislature as a Home Rule petition for passage. The Committee shall particularly look for potential conflicts with current statutes and regulations, outdated methodologies and structures, best practices, gender neutrality, inefficiencies, conflicts within the Charter and other changes deemed necessary to ensure that the Charter is as efficient and responsive as possible. In no instance shall the Committee make recommendation for changes to the method of selection of any elected Board, Committee or Commission.

Board Members

Name Title
Anthony Vegnani Chairman Board of Selectmen
Maura Curran Board of Selectmen
Rebecca Lewis Planning Board Member
Nicole Brandolini School Commitee Member
Lincoln Heineman Finance Commitee
Richard Bailey Community Member
Andreas Vietor Community Member