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The Town of Scituate has assumed responsibility from National Grid for the streetlights in the part of town north of the North River .  The Town purchased the streetlights and converted them to LED lighting in order to improve illumination at a much lower cost.   (Note, there are a number of floodlights and yard lights on utility poles that remain the responsibility of the resident or business owner who requested the utility company to install them to light their yard, parking lot, building entrance, etc.)

Reporting a streetlight problems:  
If you notice a streetlight problem, please report this to the Highway Department via the form below.  In order to help direct the repair service to the problem streetlight, please provide the following information:
•    Your name
•    Your phone number

In the comment section, please state.
•    The nature of the problem (“out,” “always on,” “flashing,” etc.)
•    The name of the street with the problem streetlight
•    The number of the pole with the problem streetlight (The pole number is posted on the pole with a 1, 2 or 3 digit number indicated by metal tags.)
•    The address nearest the problem streetlight.
Thank you in advance for providing complete information.  This will ensure repair.

Repair service:
The Highway Department will assemble a list of lights needing repair and periodically dispatch a service vehicle with an electrician to make the repairs.  (Note: repair parts are currently backordered until November 2018.)

Requesting an additional streetlight:
Streetlights in Scituate are located along streets to alert motorists to an unanticipated condition – an intersection, a curve, a dip, a crest or a crosswalk.  To request an additional streetlight to address one of these 5 problem areas, please contact the Scituate Police Department, Traffic Enforcement Officer by calling 781-545-1212.

Please provide the following information