Shellfish Advisory Committee

Town of Scituate Shellfish Advisory Committee Charge

The Shellfish Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with relevant provisions of the Town of Scituate charter and bylaws. The Committee shall consist of (7) seven voting members and serve as a sub-committee to the Waterways Commission.  The committee may be made up of the following:

  • One member appointed from the Waterways Commission “2 years” or an at large member if a Waterways member is not available
  • Two holders of a town recreational shellfish permit “3 years”
  • Three members at large “3 years”
  • Shellfish Constable “Permanent” ex officio voting member
  • Liaison from the Economic Development Commission (non-voting)
  • Liaison from the Recreation Commission (non-voting)
  • Liaison from the Board of Selectmen (non-voting)

Members of the committee shall serve until the committee is discharged by vote of the board. The Shellfish Constable shall serve as ex-officio voting member in the fifth position on the board.  

The mission of the Committee is to advise the Board of Selectmen through Waterways with regard to projects, policies, rules and regulations related to shellfish including aquaculture and wild harvest shellfish. The Committee will be informed of Town of Scituate shellfish activities by the Shellfish Constable and will serve as a resource to the Shellfish Constable in developing plans related to Shellfish activities.

The Shellfish Advisory Board would work with the Waterways Commission and review and advise both the Board of Selectmen through  WWC on shellfish policies, rules, fees, conservation measures within the various shell areas in Scituate, explore aquaculture grants and develop open and effective communication between the WWC, Board of Selectmen, Shellfish Constable, Harbormaster and the fishing community.  Also, the Advisory Board would define Shell fishing Policy and Regulations per Massachusetts General Law (MGL 130) and Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR 322).

The Committee shall support the mission of the Scituate Harbormaster, and to preserve, protect and enhance shellfish populations to sustain recreational and commercial shell fishing in a manner that is consistent with promoting the overall health of marine ecosystems. The Committee will also seek to improve water quality in Town estuaries in a cost effective manner by increasing nitrogen uptake by shellfish.

The Shellfish Board would work closely with Economic Development Commission whose mission includes “…. encourage new development as may be advisable in order to increase the Town's property tax revenues, income, job base, and overall economic health.”

Members may be removed by vote of the Board of Selectmen.

All meetings are to be held in a public location, properly posted and open to the public in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.  Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and approved by the Committee within thirty (30) days of any meeting and distributed to the Waterways Commission.  Committee members shall be mindful of their attendance obligations at Committee meetings as identified in the Town Charter and of MGL Chapter 268A, the Conflict of Interest Law.


Board Members

Name Title
Susan Harrison Chair
Jeff Palmer Vice Chair
Mike DiMeo Shellfish Constable
Maura Glancy Recreation Commission Liaison
Jack Mcinnis EDC Liaison
Paula Lind Recording Secretary
Scott Connelly At Large
Adam Bisol At Large
David Friedman Waterways Commission Liaison