Scituate Bicycle Committee

Meeting Agenda 11/13




Increase bicycle ridership in the Town of Scituate by improving connectivity and infrastructure, and by promoting benefits of bicycle travel within the community and to visitors, including encouraging a healthy lifestyle, easing vehicle and parking congestion, and improving air quality.


  1. Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the current bicycling infrastructure and design a network of primary and secondary bicycling routes in town to enhance safe riding and means of bike parking in town centers, recreational, historical and cultural sites.
  2. Design Safe-to-School and Activities routes and recommend bike parking locations within the biking network that will provide a safe, efficient and healthy way for children, teachers, school employees and families  to get to school and activities. Work with our local police to develop protocol to enhance Safe to School routes.
  3. Create routes for tourists that engage visitors in the natural beauty of Scituate, the medley of charming small businesses in North Scituate, Downtown Scituate, and Greenbush, and the ability to meet the historical character, the green space areas, and the beaches of Scituate and outline itineraries on the Scituate Virtual Visitors Site.
  4. Work with various Committees to create activities and events that will highlight the benefits of bicycling for local transportation in town (Recreation, Beach, Scituate Harbor, Cultural, Economic Development, Planning).  Alleviate local parking problems by encouraging Bike to Work as a cultural way of life for Scituate residents working in Scituate, encouraging healthy exercise, new community connections, saving money, and decreasing their carbon footprint.
  5. Work with our local police to encourage safe bicycling and provide safety for touring bicyclists in town, perhaps utilizing E Bikes in the process.
  6. Promote Green Bikes or rental bikes at train stations, and work to attract a bike shop to town for rental, purchase and repairs.
  7.  Explore funding resources including State “Green” grants, Complete Streets, Mass Trails, CPC funding.

The Committee will work closely with all pertinent committees. Once the initial assessment of the existing infrastructure is completed, and research completed for the development of an enhanced infrastructure, a timeline for recommendations for rack installation and route segments completion dates will be determined and shared with related committees and the Select Board.

The membership of the Scituate Bicycle Committee shall consist of 7 members as appointed by the Select Board.  In addition, there will be liaison roles with Select Board, DPW, EDC, Recreation, Planning Board, Beach and Scituate Harbor Cultural Committees as needed.

The Scituate Bicycle Committee shall be appointed by and report to the Select Board. Members of the Scituate Bicycle Committee shall be appointed to rolling three-year terms by majority vote of the Select Board.

The business of the Scituate Bicycle Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Annually, by majority vote, the members of the Scituate Bicycle Committee shall elect a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Clerk. The Clerk’s responsibility shall include preparation and maintenance of meeting minutes as required by section 22 of MGL c. 30A, the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

Board Members