Mordecai Lincoln Property Committee

At the 2020 and 2022 Annual Town Meetings, voters approved the purchase of the historic Mordecai Lincoln property for $1,324,000 in Community Preservation funds. The property, located on 5.6 acres fronting the Gulph River, includes the Mordecai Lincoln House built in 1695 by the great, great, great grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln, a second house built in 1850, a mill, and a shed. In addition to its historic value, the property is irreplaceable open space suitable for passive recreation. The Select Board, recognizing the importance of this asset, has decided to appoint a committee to help determine its highest and best use.

The Committee shall include representatives from Historic Commission, Conservation Commission, Town Facilities Department, and four citizens appointed by the Select Board. Preference shall be given to citizens with experience in fundraising, construction or historical preservation.

The Committee shall:

Review and evaluate all relevant materials including CPC application, Historical Commission memo, and Inspection Report;

Interview relevant boards and committees and consult with experts in historical properties and open space;

Conduct an online survey of Scituate residents;

Investigate possible funding sources, both public and private;

Recommend a course of action, including, if applicable, short, medium- and long-term steps, to the Select Board for their consideration;

The Committee shall issue its first report to the Select Board no later than March 15, 2024.