Coastal Management and Flood Hazard Mitigation



If you don’t know or understand how your property could be impacted by flooding, you may wish to learn more about the risk associated with your propoerty.  The information below will help you identify and understand your risk:


Storm drains are those grates in the streets next to the curbs where water naturally flows.  Unfortunately, leaves and debris can also naturally flow in to the storm drains.  Keeping those drains free from trash and debris is important to flood prevention.  Visit this page for tips on how to help protect storm drains and other natural flood plain functions.


Do you know how to get flood insurance and what it truly covers you against?  While most of us understand the importance of flood insurance if we are in a flood hazard area, did you know that even if you aren’t in a hazard area, you still need insurance to be covered?  The information on this page will help you understand the importance of flood insurance and provide informative links to find an agent.


It’s important to know what to do in the event of a flood.  Do you know how to receive flood warnings?  Do you know where to go if you need to evacuate your home?  What if a street is closed or just looks flooded – what do you do?  Have you heard the phrase, Turn Around, Don’t Drown?  The information on this page will help answer some of these important questions.


Did you know there are special regulations for any type of construction in a special flood hazard area?  Everyone needs to obtain a permit to build, and you can learn about these regulations and more information to keep you safe by visiting the information on this page.   


New Information to Coastal Mapping, Insurance, Flood Insurance Rate Maps and the Community Rating System


New England Coastal Mapping  


Benefits of Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance


Adoption of Flood Insurance Rate Maps by Participating Communities


Community Rating System



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