Scituated on Massachusetts’ Spectacular South Shore…

Scituate is a historic seaside community on Massachusetts’s South Shore located about 30 miles south of Boston, 30 miles north of Plymouth, and 40 miles north of the Bourne Bridge and Cape Cod.  The town was originally settled in 1636 by colonists from Plymouth and new immigrants from the County of Kent England.


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Since Scituate was incorporated, it has evolved from an agricultural community, to a summer seaside colony, to a desirable suburban community with many natural attributes, civic amenities and commercial attractions.  While there are about 18,000 year-round residents, traditional New England seaside villages and neighborhoods, and water-based recreational activities make Scituate a very desirable summer destination for visitors and seasonal residents when the population swells to 30,000.

Did You Know?  Scituate is derived from Satuit, the Wampanoag term for cold brook, which refers to a brook that runs to the inner harbor at Cole Parkway and the bottom of Front Street in Scituate Harbor Village.