Community Preservation Committee

In 2002 the Community Preservation Act (CPA) was adopted by Scituate voters. Under the Act, a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was established to make recommendations for the use of CPA funds. The nine member Committee is appointed by the Selectmen, and is made up of four at large members and five Town board members (Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Housing Authority, Recreation Committee and Historical Commission).

Since 2002, CPC has recommended and Town Meeting has approved funding for the acquisition and protection of open space, preservation of historic properties, sites and artifacts, support for community housing and creation and expansion of recreational opportunities and properties.

Board Members

Suzanne Brennan, At Large
Ann Burbine, Planning Board Liaison
Skyler Chick, At Large - INTERIM VICE CHAIR
Tammy Durante, Housing Authority Liaison
Dan Fennelly, At Large - INTERIM CHAIR
Penny Scott Pipes, Conservation Commission Liaison
Doug Smith, Historic Commission Liaison
Margaret Stillman, At Large
Karen Connolly - BOS Liaison
Mike Connor