Coastal Advisory Commission



THANK-YOU to all who attended our Community Forum on July 30!


It was great to have the opportunity to review the work the town has done and plans for the future and to hear your questions and concerns.  Our presentation is in the column to the left.  We welcome feedback and questions and look forward to hosting future dialogues on coastal concerns.  Please feel free to send feedback or questions to the CAC via Kyle Boyd at: and we will do our best to respond.


At our forum, we acted on the recommendations from previous assessments to do a better job of communicating priorities, projects, grants and any other coastal initiatives.  Studies also identified gaps in means for gaining regular input from residents and the importance of involving residents early in the planning stages of new programs.  Our entire presentation was based on these goals.  We reviewed:

  • The reality of sea level rise as a basis for continued emphasis on foreshore protection
  • The financial commitment of the town cited in dollars and projects
  • The commitment to gaining grants for funding
  • The ongoing work and success in gaining FEMA claims ($18M in obligated claims/estimated)
  • The relationship between studies and filing reports to helping us set priorities, gain grant and town monies and how this translates into real work projects
  • An overview of recent and future projects:  Oceanside, Humarock, No. Scituate, Egypt Beach Cobble Berm, Storm Tide Pathways,  Peggotty Beach, Downtown Harbor,  Community led long term vision study (pending funding) and more.

In following the recommendations of past input, it is significant to note that all of the projects recently initiated have residents and other stakeholders serving on the committees alongside the town officials and other experts. 

Other ways we plan to engage the community:  continue to post our meeting dates on the CAC webpage.  Plan now for:  September 10, October 22, November 12 and December 10

We will open our meetings with an allotted time to hear from residents on coastal questions/concerns.

We will continue to partner with the Scituate Coastal Coalition to invite their beach association members to attend meetings to hear their specific concerns and updates.

We will report input and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Kyle Boyd 781-545-8808

Board Members

Name Title
Louise Pfund Villani Chairman
Lynda Murray
Frank Snow
Maura C. Curran
Jon Grant