Flood Hazard Mitigation



If you don’t know or understand how your property could be impacted by flooding, you may wish to learn more about the risk associated with your propoerty.  The information below will help you identify and understand your risk: https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/know_your_risks_350.pdf


Do you know how to get flood insurance and what it truly covers you against?  While most of us understand the importance of flood insurance if we are in a flood hazard area, did you know that even if you aren’t in a hazard area, you still need insurance to be covered?  The information on this page will help you understand the importance of flood insurance and provide informative links to find an agent. https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/insure_your_property_350.pdf


It’s important to know what to do in the event of a flood.  Do you know how to receive flood warnings?  Do you know where to go if you need to evacuate your home?  What if a street is closed or just looks flooded – what do you do?  Have you heard the phrase, Turn Around, Don’t Drown?  The information on this page will help answer some of these important questions.https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/protect_people_350.pdf


Did you know there are special regulations for any type of construction in a special flood hazard area?  Everyone needs to obtain a permit to build, and you can learn about these regulations and more information to keep you safe by visiting the information on this page.   


Storm drains are those grates in the streets next to the curbs where water naturally flows.  Unfortunately, leaves and debris can also naturally flow in to the storm drains.  Keeping those drains free from trash and debris is important to flood prevention.  Visit this page for tips on how to help protect storm drains and other natural flood plain functions. http://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/protect_natural_floodplains.pdf


Climate Community Resilience Building Workshop

Our community may be at greater risk to sea level rise and severe weather. With more unpredictable weather events occurring such as the Nor’Easters in January 4th and four March storms there is cause for concern. The Town of Scituate Coastal Advisory Commission and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council cordially invite you to participate in preparing and protecting our community though a Community Resilience Building Workshop.

When: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Where: Scituate Community Center

    44 Jericho Road, Scituate, MA 02740

  Time:  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

¨ Evaluate strengths and vulnerabilities of residences, infrastructure, and natural resources.

¨ Identify areas our community's most special assets to protect — citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses.

¨ Prioritize climate actions most important to you and Scituate


Coastal Projects

An informational meeting will be held on June 25th, at 6:00 PM to present detailed engineering designs of the dune nourishment and roadway elevation project. Please join Town officials at a public meeting where John Ramsey, Principal Coastal Engineer, from Applied Coastal Research and Engineering will present further detailed engineering plans and specifics of how the design will provide protection for north Central Avenue from 10 Cliff Road to 130 Central Avenue. This meeting continues the work completed in 2017. For more information please call 781-783-2806 or email ndurfee@scituatema.gov

Monday, June 25th, 6:00 PM, Scituate High School Performance Center

606 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Rte. 3A


North Humarock Dune Nourishment and Roadway Elevation Project Presentation


The first informational meeting was held on March 28th, to present the initial engineering analysis of potential beach/dune nourishment and roadway elevation alternatives.  Below is a link to the video and PowerPoint Presentation of the meeting. 

Presentation Video produced by Scituate Cable TV click on link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5535MmvRzmQ

Powerpoint Presentation click on link: http://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/humarockpublicpresentation_20170328.pdf

A second informational meeting was held on June 6th, to present the conceptual design of the recommended alternative of potential dune nourishment and roadway elevation project. John Ramsey, Principal Coastal Engineer, from Applied Coastal Research and Engineering presented the conceptual design and details of how the design will provide protection for north Central Avenue.

Powerpoint Presentation click on link: https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/humarockpublicpresentation_20170606.pdf

              Presentation Video produced by Scituate Cable TV click on link: https://youtu.be/PskrOdWAU0Y

The final conceptual report for Elevating Roadway Improvements and Dune/Beach Nourishment along North Humarock for Improved Coastal Resiliency was completed in June, 2017. To attain the necessary permits, it is vitally important that all property owners in the proposed reception area sign an easement allowing the work to take place. Residence response is critically necessary since required public funding for the project, and final permits for the work, cannot be made available without the execution of limited public access easements. Only when we have assessed the willingness of property owners in the reception area to execute easements, can we determine whether or not the project can move forward. Residents in this area need to consider this issue carefully from the standpoint of safety and damage mitigation for you and your neighbors. Below are links to the Easement and final report.

Easement: https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/grant_of_easement_beach_final_0.pdf

Easement meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mxfhmfi75U​

Final Report: Elevating Roadway Improvements and Dune/Beach Nourishment along North Humarock for Improved Coastla Resiliency: https://www.scituatema.gov/flood-hazard-mitigation/files/elevating-roadway-improvements-and-dunebeach-nourishment-along-north

Project Handout: https://www.scituatema.gov/flood-hazard-mitigation/files/humarock-dune-nourishment-and-road-elevation-project-handout


Coastal Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Prioritization Management Strategy Assessment for Shoreline Protection

The Scituate Board of Selectmen at its October 18, 2016 meeting officially accepted the Coastal Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Prioritization Management Strategy Assessment for Shoreline Protection Report. This report was prepared by Applied Coastal Research and Engineering, Inc., in conjunction with the Town of Scituate and the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.

This report will be used as a guideline for the town and the Board of Selectmen to assist with our coastal adaptation strategy. Scituate faces ongoing threats to our public and private infrastructure as a result of sea level rise, climate change and coastal erosion. The report will be referenced and used as a guideline to assist in the periodization of projects and attendant financial planning in our most critical areas along the coastline. The assessment is the culmination of engineering analytics, historic coastal data and public input from Scituate residents and town staff.

The Board of Selectmen is grateful to our town staff who worked diligently during the grant application process to the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management resulting in the awarding of $240,000.00 which fully paid for the engineering services from Applied Coastal Research and provided valuable input to the consultant during the course of the study.

Scituate continues to be a leader in coastal resiliency and its with great pleasure that we release the final document to the public.


The final Coastal Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Prioritization Management Strategy Assessment for Shoreline Protection Report is available at the Scituate Public Library, a link is provided below as well as on the left side of the Flood Hazard Mitigation website. Due to the size of the final document it has been divided into two section the main report and the appendix.





Presentations on the assessment of coastal erosion, flooding, storm damage patterns and recommendations regarding shore protection alternatives for each section of the Scituate coast was presented on April 28 and June 16, 2016. John Ramsey Principle Coastal Engineer, from Applied Coastal Research presented the historical shoreline infrastructure damages, findings of the coastal processes analyses, and the development of the prioritization criteria for Scituate’s coastline,  different shore protection options to achieve the long term coastal sustainability goals of the Town. A range of shore protections options was presented for each study area including cost, benefits, disadvantages and challenges.




For more information please email ndurfee@scituatema.gov




Grant Funding

Elevation Grants

The Town’s elevation grant program is provided through funds Congress appropriates to FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Flood Mitigation Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs.  Federal regulations require that application must be made through the Town of Scituate.  The program is usually funded annually, but occasionally there are years when no funding is appropriated. The timing and availability of future grant rounds is determined when new funding is approved.  In past years, this has been in the summer but can also be in the fall.  The decision on the grants is made by FEMA, and is often not made until at the earliest, the following spring. If you are interested in the program, please contact Nancy Durfee, Coastal Resource Officer at ndurfee@scituatema.gov in order to be added to the notification list when funds do become available.

Town of Scituate Elevation Grant Checklist and Application: https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/scituate_elevation_grant_application.pdf


New Information to Coastal Mapping, Insurance, Flood Insurance Rate Maps and the Community Rating System


New England Coastal Mapping          



*Benefits of Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance



Adoption of Flood Insurance Rate Maps by Participating Communities



Community Rating System





Coastal Processes: Erosion, Storm Damage & Protection Options Presentation

If you missed the Coastal Processes: Erosion, Storm Damage & Protection Options on June 16th - Scituate Community Television filmed the presentation. A huge thanks to them for the SCT for all the work they do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LArLFO8NAQ&feature=youtu.be