Certificate of Compliance Request Guidelines & Form

Town of Scituate Code of By-Laws Section 30700 (Under MGL Chapter 131, Section 40)

Certificates of Compliance should be requested at the conclusion of any project which has received an Order of Conditions from the Scituate Conservation Commission. When a Certificate of Compliance is recorded at the Registry of Deeds, the property may be conveyed from one owner to another with greater ease.

The requirements for a Certificate of Compliance are set forth in 310 CMR 10.00, in the Order of Conditions and/or its cover letter. Generally the procedure is as follows:

Upon completion of the project (or within one year of issuance of an occupancy permit), the Applicant shall submit the following to the Scituate Conservation Commission to receive a Certificate of Compliance:

1.  A letter from the Applicant requesting a Certificate of Compliance and referencing the DEP File Number (68-      ) and the Scituate File Number with a check made out to the Town of Scituate in the amount of $100.00.

2.  When requesting either a Full or Partial Certificate of Compliance submit site photos showing that the project is complete and that all disturbed areas and soils are completely stabilized.

3.  A written and stamped statement from a Professional Engineer, Architect or Land Surveyor registered in Massachusetts (dependent upon language in Order of Conditions) certifying that the work has been completed in compliance with the Order of Conditions and the approved plans referenced therein (or approved revisions). If the completed work differs in any way from approved plans and conditions, the statement must specify how the project differs by referencing plans or condition numbers. It shall also include the date and time of the inspection. Please note that the inspection must be done by the individual who provides the certification or it must be stated who in fact did the inspection.

4.  An as-built topographic plan signed and stamped by a professional land surveyor registered in Massachusetts to complete the public record. The plan must include as-built elevations of all drainage structures constructed within 100 feet of any wetland, distances to all structures and elevations within 100 feet of wetlands.

5.  Where wetland replication or restoration is involved, a letter from a qualified wetland scientist certifying compliance with state regulations is also required.

It is important to use the exact language specified above; terms such as “substantial compliance” are not sufficient and will not be accepted. The Engineer’s statement must be precise and accurate.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Conservation Commission at (781) 545-8721.