Pending Applications

68-28598 Newell St. (pool) (NOI)DescriptionRevised Site Plan
68-28668 Newell St. (dock) (NOI) Revised Site Plan
68-2902141 DriftwayNarrativeRevised Site Plan
68-2912lot 17 Border St. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-291457 Garrison Rd (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-291743 Watch Hill Rd. (NOI)NarrativeRevised Site Plan
68-2920250-280 Driftway - Well18B Treatment Plant ModificationsNarrativeSite Plan
68-292160 New Driftway (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-292242 Brunswick St. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-292333 Oceanside St. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-2924192 Clapp Rd. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-292567 Collier Rd. (NOI)Narrative Site Plan
68-292614 Peggotty Beach Rd. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-2927215 Tilden St (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-142 Humarock Beach Rd. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-272 Central Ave. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-2880A4 Cliff Estates Rd (AMEND OofC) Site Plan
68-30 Pheasant Hill Dr. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-30 Concord St. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-31 Lowell St. (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
68-0 Oceanside Dr. (AKA 46 Oceanside Dr.) (NOI)NarrativeSite Plan
150 First Parish Rd.fence and clean up debris 
10 Pennycress Laneremove underbrushDescription
144 Hatherly catch basinsPlan
15 Gardiner build and clearing

Revised Site Plan


129 Humarock Beach Rd. Plan
52 Moorland Rd. Plan