Burning Permit Regulations

Open burning is prohibited in the following areas:  Minot, Humarock and any location EAST of Hatherly RD.

The Scituate Fire Department will strictly enforce the following State regulations.  All permit holders must agree to abide by these rules, with the understanding that the Scituate Fire Department reserves the right to refuse or revoke any permit that does not conform to these rules.

  1. The open burning season for residential properties will be from January 15, 2024, through May 1, 2024
  2. Permit burning is only allowed between the daylight hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm and all fires must be started before noon and all fires must be completely extinguished by 4:00 pm
  3. Burning sites will be spot checked and permits for areas not meeting these requirements will be refused or revoked
  4. All fires must be at least 75 ft from any structure and you must have an available water supply, such as, a pressurized water pump, can, or hose and shovels or rakes for controlling the fire.
  5. ONLY BRUSH MAY BE BURNED: LEAVES AND GRASS MAY NOT. All fires must be tended to at all times.  Piles of brush must be kept small and manageable. If fire extends beyond the initial area the permit may be revoked.
  6. If we receive a complaint that the fire is causing a smoke nuisance, the fire will have to be extinguished.
  7. You must check online each day to verify and request burning.
    Permission will be granted only on those days when winds, dryness of woods and atmospheric conditions warrant the issue of same.
  8. Increases in wind velocity, or change in other conditions, will be cause for the immediate extinguishments of fires by all permit holders.
  9. A fine of $500.00 is applicable by Mass. Law for any illegal burning

The Scituate Fire Department will immediately revoke the permit if the above rules and regulations are not strictly adhered to.  There will be no refund of fees if the permit is revoked for cause.