Mooring Waiting List

Mooring Waiting List

Mooring Waitlist can be found here

Mooring Application Waiting Ranking

The Mooring Applications have been reviewed and the waiting lists are now updated. Any applicant that did not renew their Mooring Application was removed from the list. The Waiting List is sorted by Boat Size category; and then by Anniversary Date.

December 2023 Mooring Rules & Regulations Waitlist Requirements (see below)

A. Waiting List
An applicant for a permit for the placement of moorings, floats, or rafts held by bottom-anchor, in vacant or new mooring space in Scituate waterways (as defined in Scituate By-Law Section 30910) shall complete and file the Town of Scituate Mooring Permit Application Form with the Harbormaster. The applicant must indicate the boat size range on the application. The application fee of $20.00 must accompany the application. These applications must be renewed in person, by mail, or by email, along with a renewal fee of $5.00 annually. A renewal invoice shall be sent out by the Harbormaster no later than August 1st and must be returned by September 15th with payment by check or credit card only.  Failure to pay the renewal fee by September 15th will result in removal from the waiting list. Completed applications will be processed within fifteen days of receipt by the Harbormaster. Placement of the application on the waiting list constitutes action by the Harbormaster.