Beach Commission Charge

Scituate Beach Commission Charge

Town of Scituate
Beach Commission Charge


The mission of the Scituate Beach Commission (SBC) is to advise the Select Board and other Town officials on best practices to most effectively balance and achieve the goals to preserve the integrity of the oceanside beaches and dune systems, to provide storm protection, and to maximize public access to the beaches for the citizens of Scituate and other authorized users.


1. To advise the Select Board and other Town officials on the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the Town of Scituate public beaches and beach properties on behalf of the Town and in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. At a minimum these beaches include Egypt Beach, Humarock Beach, Minot Beach, Museum Beach, Peggotty Beach, and Sand Hills Beach but may include others at the discretion of the Select Board.

2. To raise the Town’s appreciation and value of its public beaches and natural resources and to encourage usage of Town beaches as may be of benefit to the community.

3. To investigate opportunities and recommend improvements to the beaches.

4. To cooperate, collaborate, and report on status of projects as appropriate to the Select Board, the Recreation Department, the Department of Public Works, and the Conservation Commission with respect to the fulfilment of the SBC charge and the use of beaches.

5. To solicit and evaluate community interest in and provide for recreational opportunities at public beaches.


1. Recommend policy and rules for the Town of Scituate public beaches and the surrounding properties consistent with the Conservation Commission policies and the need for public access.

2. Act as the liaison to citizens for Scituate’s public beaches and provide opportunities for citizens to voice their concerns, issues, and recommendations.

3. Work with the Department of Public Works and the Coastal Advisory Commission to minimize erosion and impact on wetlands in balance with public access requirements of Town beaches.

4. Research and investigate other public properties owned by the Town of Scituate for potential future public beaches.

5. Explore opportunities for funding such as potential grants, private donations, and Community Preservation funds to offset costs of beach operations, improvements, and projects.

6. Conduct surveys and other additional studies of the interest of the citizens in the beaches and the recreational services of the Town as needed and upon request of the Select Board.

7. Keep the SBC charge current by proposing additions, deletions, and changes to the Select Board for review and approval.


The membership of the Scituate Beach Commission shall consist of 5–7 members as determined by the Select Board. One non-voting member shall be the Coastal Management Officer.


The Scituate Beach Commission shall be appointed by and report to the Select Board and shall meet with the Recreation Commission and/or Conservation Commission upon request.

Members of the SBC shall be appointed to three year terms by majority vote of the Select Board.

The business of the SBC shall be conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Annually, by majority vote, the members of the SBC shall elect a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Clerk. The Clerk’s responsibility shall include preparation and maintenance of meeting minutes as required by section 22 of MGL c. 30A, the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.


The Select Board shall resolve any conflicts among Town boards.

The SBC shall depend on the Conservation Commission to review compliance with Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch.131, §40) and Regulations (310 CMR 10.00).

The SBC shall depend on the Department of Public Works to prepare beaches in advance of each beach season.

The SBC shall depend on the Department of Public Works for trash removal services.

The SBC shall depend on the Board of Health for monitoring the water quality at all public beaches to ensure a safe swimming environment.

The SBC shall depend on the Scituate Police Department for general law enforcement and property protection activities as well as parking enforcement.

The SBC shall depend on the Recreation Department Co-Directors and Treasurer/Collector’s Offices to provide administrative support for its activities.

The SBC shall be provided a web page on the Town’s web site that shall be maintained by its members.

The SBC shall consult with the Recreation Department, the Town Administrator, and the Department of Public Works before recommending any policy change to the Select Board that would create an increased workload on a Town department.