Affordable Housing Information

Information For First Time Homebuyers:

Anyone purchasing affordable housing in Scituate must meet the following requirements:

  • May be either an individual or household which meets income criteria with assets less than $75,000 who has not owned a home in the previous three years or
  • May be an individual over 55 years of age, a household with one member over 55, a displaced homemaker or single parent who meets income criteria with assets less than $75,000 who doesn’t presently own a home.

Maximum income levels are as follows:

Size Of Household

Maximum Income

1-person household:


2-person household:


3-person household:


4-person household:


5-person household:


Information About Chapter 40B:

Chapter 40B is a state law that establishes certain requirements for affordable housing developments in the State of Massachusetts.  It allows developments which do not conform to local zoning to be approved and constructed if less than ten per cent of the housing in a town is considered affordable by persons earning 80% of the median income.  In Scituate, approximately 4.5% of the town’s housing is “affordable.”