Widows Walk Golf Committee

Town of Scituate Widow’s Walk Golf Committee Charge


Background: With the retirement of the debt for the creation of the golf course, there is now limited revenue available for improvement to the property.



The Board of Selectmen is establishing an Ad-Hoc Widows Walk Golf Committee comprised of nine (9) members residing in and being registered voters of the Town of Scituate.  The Golf Course Director shall serve as ex-officio voting member in the seventh position on the board.  The Board shall endeavor to appoint individuals who, by reason of their current or prior background in such fields as construction, architecture, real estate, land use and development, engineering, or other relevant experience, have special knowledge and skills to assist the Board in evaluating and recommending maintenance, upkeep and improvements in operations of the Widows Walk Golf course. At least one member of the group will be from the Economic Development Commission.  The members of the Committee shall serve for one-year terms and shall meet at designated dates, times and locations that are convenient to its members as well as promoting strong public participation. Members may be removed by vote of the Board of Selectmen.



Undertake a comprehensive analysis of the maintenance, upkeep and improvements in operations of Widows Walk Golf Course.  The Committee’s work should include, but not be limited to the following:

1.   Develop conceptual plans denoting each potential option with a cost/benefit analysis for each recommended action.

2.  Evaluate   building   condition   and   structural   integrity   to determine if further investment is warranted.

3.  Incorporate and insure a robust public input component through surveying, analysis, meetings and any other means deemed necessary by the Group.

4.  Obtain/Develop needs assessment which would include efficient operations, location and adequate space to meet Golf Course needs.

5.  Keep the Board of Selectmen advised of the Committee’s work.  Provide annual updates to the Board of Selectmen.

6.  The committee’s final report must be presented in a document that addresses the following:

a.   Importance/urgency of each of the identified needs.

b.   Conceptual designs for each of the alternatives

c.   Capital and operating cost estimates

d.   Pros and cons of each alternative.

e.   Proposed project timelines for the alternatives

f.    A coordinated approach for project implementation that minimizes disruption of golf course operations and maintains uninterrupted Town services




All meetings are to be held in a public location, properly posted and open to the public in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.  Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared and approved by the Committee within thirty (30) days of any meeting and distributed to the Board of Selectmen.  Committee members shall be mindful of their attendance obligations at Committee meetings as identified in the Town Charter and of MGL Chapter 268A, the Conflict of Interest Law.


Board Members

Name Title
James Forsgard Chair
Mark Joyce Vice Chair
Mark Bissell Alternate
Claudia Oliver
Geena Savage
Susan DeCoste Secretary/Clerk
Ian Kelley