Water Conservation Tips

As we head into the warm summer months it is important to be aware of water usage guidelines.  In addition, we offer the below helpful tips to conserve resources.  Thank you to Becky Malamut, Chair, Water Resource Committee for sharing these helpful tips:

- Capture rain water for outdoor watering. Discounted barrels are available online at https://www.scituatema.gov/water-resources-committee/pages/rain-barrel-program

- Don't water plants, lawns and gardens in the middle of the day. The water will evaporate quicker and you will need to water more frequently.

- Mow smarter. Visit http://www.nsrwa.org/watersmart/greenscapes for more details

- Use mulch in your garden bed to help retain soil moisture and decrease evaporation.

- Boaters, keep a bucket on your boat and use sea water to rinse fish guts and other debris from the deck.

- Pool owners, use a solar cover or other products that retain heat and slow the rate of evaporation by up to 95%. The less you have to fill your pool, the more money you will save. 

Visit https://www.scituatema.gov/water-resources-committee/pages/water-conservation-tips for more tips and information.

Interested in conserving our town's water resources? Fill out an application to join the Water Resources Committee https://www.scituatema.gov/sites/scituatema/files/uploads/committee_comm...