October 31, 2017 Storm Update 3

This is storm update 3 regarding the recent wind & rain storm.  Of the 3000 Scituate homes without power this morning all but 412 have been restored. The majority of the 412 homes are in isolated neighborhoods or have individual connection issues that will be addressed. Sylvester Road has tree and power crews on scene and National Grid is trying to restore power by this evening.  National Grid is working into the evening and will continue to work tomorrow and Thursday until all power is restored.

If you are a homeowner with damage to your individual service please make sure you have notified an electrician and National Grid at 800-465-1212. Everything is being done by the Town and National Grid to restore power as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this challenging situation.  If you have any electrical safety issues please call the Scituate Fire Department at 781-545-5515 and for emergencies call 911. 

Scituate Emergency Management Agency