Rain/snow mix storm advisory

The Town of Scituate Emergency Management Team hopes you had a nice Thanksgiving. As you start your shopping spree on Black Friday please be aware we are forecast to get an impactful coastal storm starting Sunday afternoon continuing through Monday evening.

This long duration storm is expected to start as snow Sunday afternoon, turn to rain for the majority of the storm, and end as snow or a rain/snow mix late Monday. West of 3A would have a better chance of receiving any accumulating snow, 1”-3” possible, east of 3A would likely be a rain/snow mix due to the ocean temperatures still around 50 degrees.

This storm will bring strong northeast winds 25-30 mph steady with gusts in the 40’s. Winds will be strongest from late evening Sunday through midnight Monday. The gusty winds could bring branches and small limbs down creating some isolated power outages. This would be more likely to impact power west of 3A if we do get some accumulating snow.

The strong northeast winds should not cause any significant coastal issues due to the nominal (8.9’) high tide at 3am and (9.6’) just after 3pm Monday. Depending on the storm surge we may experience some splash over to minor coastal flooding, especially during the Monday afternoon high tide.

Stay Safe!