Advisory Committee

Description of the Advisory Committee:

As presiding officer of the Legislative Branch of Town Government, the Town Moderator appoints nine (9) citizens of the town to serve staggered three (3) year terms on the Advisory Committee. The Committee conducts hearings, reviews all materials and makes recommendations to the voters on all articles in any warrant that comes before the voters at Town Meetings. The Committee's comments and recommendations on all warrant articles are published and available in the Advisory Committee Report, which is published prior to Town Meeting.

Responsibilities of Committee:

The Advisory Committee oversees the transfer of funds from the Town's Reserve Fund ($90,000). Such transfers are allocated for "extraordinary and unforeseen" expenditures, and can be executed without calling for a Special Town Meeting.
In addition, one member of the Advisory Committee serves on the Capital Planning Committee. Other members act in a liaison capacity to other town committees, including but not limited to the School Committee, Community Preservation Committee, the Street Acceptance Committee, Waterways Commission and the Planning Board.

When Committee Meets:

The Advisory Committee typically meets on Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM in preparation of Annual and Special Town Meetings. See the Town Meeting calendar for agenda, date and times.

Annual and Special Town Meeting Advisory Booklets can be found here



Board Members

Name Title
Lincoln Heineman Member Term 2017-2020
Daniel McGuiggin Member Term 2019-2022
Jerry Kelly Member Term 2018-2021
Mike Westort Member Term 2018-2021
Patrice Metro Member Term 2019-2022
Elise Russo Vice-Chair Term 2018-2021
James Gilmore Chair Term 2020-2023
Missy Seidel Member Term 2020
Lynda Ferguson Member Term 2019-2022
Nancy Holt Temporary Recording Secretary