Firearms Licensing

Sgt. Ken Bates handles firearms licensing for the Scituate Police. You can reach him at 781-545-1212 or by email.

Please read the information below before you call!

Firearms Licensing Information

Applying for new or renewal
License to Carry Firearms or Firearms Identification Card

All firearms license applications will require an appointment so that data may be electronically entered into the Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS).  Appointments with Sgt Kenneth Bates can be made through the SPD dispatch @ 781-545-1212 or online here.  Applicants will no longer need to provide their own photographs or completed application forms.

Renewal Applications:

All renewal applications should bring the following:

  • A form of photo identification
  • Check to the "Town of Scituate" ($100.00 Class A-C) & Class D renewals are free
  • Any requests for LTC Class A with "No Restrictions" should attach a letter explaining reasons it is necessary.

Filing fee is waived for any renewal applications for persons over 70 years of age.

First Time LTC/FID Applications:

Proper documentation for a State approved safety course will be needed for all first time applications.  Please have taken and received documentation of Safety Course prior to appointment.  All first time applicants should bring the following for LTC/FID Applications:

  • A form of photo identification
  • A check to the "Town of Scituate" ($100.00 Class A-C) & ($25 - Class D)
  • Safety Course Certificate (Not required for Class D Applications)
  • 3 Personal Reference Letters (LTC Applicants Only)

Anyone requesting LTC Class A without restrictions or commonly referred as “All Lawful Purpose” LTC must submit a letter with application outlining reasons it is necessary to be “No Restrictions”.  All other LTC will be issued for “Hunting & Target”.

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