School Resource Officer

From the Winter 2017 Newsletter:

"My name is Officer Sarah Arseneau and I am the School Resource Officer assigned to the Scituate Public Schools. This is my second year in this role within the Scituate Police Department.

As the School Resource Officer, I work with the school administrators, faculty, and staff on a daily basis. I have an office in the High School but frequent all six schools. I do guest appearances in class rooms to educate the students on the roles of the many officers within the Scituate Police Department, read to students, teach lessons in safety with regards to helmets, car seats, strangers and educate students regarding internet/social media safety, bullying, and drug and alcohol education.

In addition, we also have had the privilege of having seven high school seniors as Scituate Police Interns. Since the opening of the Scituate Public Safety Building, we have hosted many field trips to share with the children of Scituate the wonderful new facility that we are enjoying! This past summer, Sergeant O’Shea and I participated in DARE Camp hosted by Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office at Whitman Hanson High School. We had six Scituate teens who volunteered as Peer Leaders!

Officer Michael Prouty and I continue to strive to make the schools as safe as possible by conducting lock down drills throughout the year. We are working closely with the staff of each school to make safety plans. We were proud of the schools responses when we placed three of the schools in lock down/shelter in place, as the Scituate Police Department handled a situation on October 10, 2017. Thankfully they did exactly what we’ve been training for and everyone was safe.

We are working to create a worksheet for individuals with special needs to provide an emergency response plan in the event that they go missing or have a medical event. Gathering pertinent information from families of individuals that may wander from home is critical to assist first responders when responding to an emergency. For more information about this program, please call Officer Sarah Arseneau at 781-545-1212 ext. 7949 or email me.

There are many exciting things happening in the schools! As we said goodbye to outgoing Superintendent John McCarthy, we gained a wonderful new administrator, educator and collaborator - Superintendent, Ron Griffin! Welcome aboard!

Last spring, Mary Ohrenberger, the Principal of the Cushing Elementary School retired! We wish her well on this next stage of her life. Cushing Elementary welcomed new Principal Donna Moffat. She brings energy and a dedication for a warm learning environment!

This fall, Jennifer Arnold, the Principal at Jenkins Elementary School, accepted a position as the interim Assistant Superintendent for Scituate Public Schools. Congratulations Mrs Arnold! We are thrilled to have Gary Pelletier as our interim Principal at Jenkins Elementary. He brings years of knowledge and experience, and a passion for positively influencing our young ones!

The Town of Scituate opened a brand new beautiful learning facility! Gates Intermediate School is buzzing with brilliant young minds thriving in a wonderful new learning space. Gates Intermediate School also was fortunate to add Ryan Beattie as the new Assistant Principal!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached via email or by phone at 781-545-1212 ext. 7949."


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