Crime Prevention Forms

Crime Prevention: Reporting Suspicious Activity

Residents of a neighborhood are in the best position to observe suspicious activity in their given area. Because of the familiarity with their neighbors, residents have a good idea of what is "usual" in their area and what is "unusual". Persons who seem "out of place" or who are acting in a strange manner may be involved in some type of criminal activity. The type of behavior exhibited can help to determine if a crime may, in fact, be in progress. Is the individual prowling about a neighbor's yard? Is he/she looking into windows or attempting to get into a house? The more information that you can provide to the police department, the easier it is for officers who are responding to locate the individuals involved, and deal with whatever type of activity that they may have been involved in.

You, as residents, can be the eyes and ears of the police department. You can help us to keep your neighborhood safe. The following sheets may help you to provide us with as much information as possible in responding to situations that may come to your attention.