Detective Unit

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The Scituate Police Detective Unit's primary function is to conduct investigations relative to all major crimes and serious incidents.  Most incidents are initially reported to, or discovered by, the uniformed patrol division who conducts a preliminary field investigation.  If further investigation is required, their reports are then submitted to the detectives who, in turn, follow up on leads and suspects. 

All incidents involving unattended and accidental deaths, felony assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, B&E's, larcenies, fraud, arson, drug violations, identity thefts or any other matters of a serious nature are followed up by the detectives.

The detective unit is also responsible for all drug related investigations which includes gathering intelligence, conducting surveillance, writing and serving search warrants, making arrests and interviewing arrestees.  They also communicate regularly with other area detectives to share information.

Our detectives work closely with several other agencies as members of S.E.M.D.A and O.C.P.A.C as well as providing support for the Scituate Fire Department as members of the dive team and arson investigations unit.  They also regularly attend meeting, trainings and seminars to keep them abreast of new laws, statutes and trends.


NamePhone ExtensionEmail
Lt. Detective Paul Norton7915Contact
Sgt. Detective Erik Steverman7907Contact
Detective Owen Kirkbridge7923Contact
Detective Michael Prouty7931Contact

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