Animal Control


Mission Statement

Scituate Animal Control is a function of the Scituate Police Department.

The Scituate Animal Control Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to the community by protecting and preserving the well being of all animals, protecting the public's safety, enforcing without prejudice state and local statutes and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Services & Duties

The Town of Scituate Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing the Town of Scituate Animal Control Bylaws and related canine control.  Among these responsibilities, the ACO assists residents with wildlife concerns, investigates all animal bites, imposes quarantines as needed and conducts annual barn and kennel inspections.

NOTE - The Town of Scituate Animal Control Officer does not trap and remove the problem or nuisance wildlife.  Please contact a pest control agency of your choice for these matters.

Important Information for Pet Owners

  • All dogs in the town of Scituate are required to be licensed through the Town Clerks office.
  • All dogs are to be leashed at all times when off the owners property.
  • Please be sure your pets have ID TAGS! Or write your contact info on their collar.
  • Dogs are not allowed on any public beach within the town of Scituate from June 15th to September 15th from 10am-6pm or on ANY athletic playing field maintained by the town at ANY TIME.
  • PLEASE pick up after your dog. IT’S THE LAW!
  • Please educate your children on the importance of not approaching unfamiliar dogs/cats and to always ask permission before interacting with someone’s pet.
  • During the summer months leave your dog at home. The heat, whether it’s inside a car or out in the direct sun, can prove deadly for a dog.
  • Remember lots of fresh clean water for all your pets.
  • Please spay and neuter your pet. If you are having financial difficulty call 781.545.1212 ext  7
  • This office recommends all cats remain INDOORS. An indoor cat leads a happier, healthier, longer life.
  • All your pets MUST be inoculated for rabies. This is especially important here in Scituate where rabies has been confirmed for many years. Rabies is deadly. This simple step could save lives!
  • If you see an animal you believe is being treated poorly or are experiencing a problem, please call Animal Control @ 781.545.1212 or email:

The Animal Control office is not staffed 24 hours a day. Your call is important; please have patience when waiting for a return call.


Thank you!



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