2023 Transfer Station and Beach Stickers


2023 Transfer Station and Beach Stickers will be available on Monday, February 13, 2023.(Resident mail-ins will not be processed until then.)

The online system will go live at 8:30am on Monday, February 13th. There will be no "notification".

These stickers are valid from day of purchase through March 31, 2024.

 Non-Resident All Beach and Non-Resident Humarock Only Beach stickers will be sold online only 

                                               NO IN-PERSON OR MAIL-IN NON-RESIDENT STICKER SALES.                                                    

                                           Transfer Station Sticker                                          $105.00

                                            Additional Transfer Station Sticker                         $40.00

                                            Senior Transfer Station Sticker (over age 70)        $70.00

                                            Resident Beach Sticker                                          $35.00

                                             Non-Resident All Access Beach Sticker                 $300.00      SOLD OUT

                                             Non-Resident Humarock Beach Only                     $100.00      SOLD OUT      

  • The Resident Mail-in application is available below. (Please complete the form and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a copy of your registration.)      
  • Cash, checks, credit/debit cards accepted.
  •  Resident Stickers can be purchased online using a credit card or banking information after the 13th. This file comes from the Motor Vehicle excise tax bills. If you have not yet received a tax bill for your new car, you may not be able to purchase your sticker online.
  • Replacement Transfer Station stickers are $25 each, Beach replacements are $10. The original sticker must be returned (even if it's in pieces) to receive a replacement due to the sale of vehicle, windshield replacement, etc. Full price will be charged for replacement Beach stickers if you do not have the original sticker.

Daily Out of Town Beach passes that are valid on Tuesdays and Thursdays only for Peggotty Beach are available for sale at the Harbormaster's Office for $20 per day. Passes must be purchased on the day they are used (no advance purchase).



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