Transfer Station

Confused about which plastics are recyclable. Please watch the attached video link. This may help clear up a lot of plastic recycling confusion, which is making valuable plastic containers and other recyclables more difficult to cleanly sort out.




Corrugated Cardboard boxes will be recycled separately. Boxes should be flattened and all packing materials from within shall be removed. (Styrofoam, Peanuts, Air pillows). All other paper products including junk mail, newspaper, magazines and cereal boxes shall be recycled in Bins #1 & #4. Corrugated Cardboard ONLY shall be placed in Bin #3. Packing materials should be disposed of with your household trash. Pizza Boxes with grease or food shall be disposed of with household trash and NOT recycled.


Is it Trash or Recycle???


If you're unsure whether the material belongs in the recycling bin or the trash, the Department of Environmental Protection has created "Recyclopedia" to help answer your questions. This interactive website allows you to enter a product into the search bar and it will advise you as to where to place the item, Recycle or Trash.

The link to Recyclopedia is:



Use of the Transfer Station: The Transfer Station is open to Scituate Residents in vehicles with a valid Transfer Station sticker. The sticker must be attached to the vehicle on the driver's side and visible to the Attendant.

The Transfer Station is operated as a "Pay-As-You-Throw" and a Recycle facility. Household waste ("garbage") will be accepted only in Pay-As-You-Throw trash bags which can be purchased at the Transfer Station or several local retail stores. These "Blue Bags" cost $20.00 for a package of ten 30-gallon bags or $10.00 for a package of ten 15-gallon bags.

Retailers selling Pay-as-You-Throw trash bags include Scituate Pharmacy, Sand Hills General Store, Hennessy News and the Village Market in the Harbor. Shaws in Cohasset and Roche Brothers in Marshfield also sell Blue Bags.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sean McCarthy Supervisor (781) 545-8732
Patrick Kelly Foreman (781) 545-8729