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Race, Racism & Antiracism
Celebrating Immigrants
LGBTQIA+ History & Experience
Social Justice Books
Social Justice Graphic Novels

Celebrating Black History: Past, Present & Future

Staff have curated these book lists for year-round learning and enjoyment. 
Black History is American HistoryMultiple photos as a collage with words We're Celebrating Black History Month overlaid.
More About Black History
African American Historical Fiction
Recent Award Winners
Celebrating Black Lives in Contemporary Literature
More Black Voices in Contemporary Lit
Black Voices in Fiction
Black Voices in Sci-fi and Fantasy
Black Voices in Romance 
Black Voices in Mystery/Thriller
Fictional Family Sagas
New Fiction 2020-2021
Forthcoming Fiction 2021
Memoirs and Biographies
Celebrity Memoirs
Inspirational Black Women
Cooking with Black Chefs
Anti-racist Reading
More Anti-racist Reading
Documentaries on Kanopy

Women's History Month Collage of famous women's pictures with Women's History Month superimposed over

Women's Voices
Acclaimed Contemporary Fiction by Women of Color
Through History
UK Women's Prize for Fiction Winners
Asian American Women Authors
True Stories of Espionage and Resistance: WWII
More Must-Read Memoirs
Fictionalized Stories of Women Behind Famous Men
Lives of Women Authors
Contributions to Our Collective Histories

LGBTQIA+ Reading Lists

rainbow rectangle with "Pride Month" on it; ask librarians for more ideasScituate PRIDE Recommends! A special list of selections from the members of Scituate PRIDE. To learn more about Scituate PRIDE, visit

Science Ficiton & Fantasy
More Science Fiction & Fantasy
Contemporary Fiction
More Fiction
Graphic Novels 
Memoir & Biography
History & Experiences 
More History & Experiences
Award-winning Fiction
Award-winning Nonfiction
More Great LGBTQIA+ Reads!

Celebrate Hispanic American Heritage Month

Contemporary Fiction
Latinx Fiction and Nonfiction
More Fantastic Works

Native American Heritage Month

Contemporary Fiction 
More Contemporary Fiction
Even More Contemporary Fiction!
History & Experience
Sci-Fi & Fantasy