Humarock Village

On the South River in Humarock Village

Humarock is one of the historic gems of Scituate as well as the South Shore. Once connected to the rest of Scituate by land, the river shifted during the Portland Gale in 1898 cutting off Humarock and Fourth Cliff from the rest of town. Now Humarock is a delightful peninsula connected to the mainland by two bridges. Local residents enjoy the sunrises to the east over Humarock Beach, and the sunsets to the west over the South River and marshlands.

This waterfront community on the south end of Scituate has sand beaches, marina facilities, and casual shops, restaurants and services. The South River is a popular summer destination for a variety of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. The neighborhoods surrounding the village include a broad range of housing options from large beach side homes to historic cottage communities, and new waterfront townhouses in the Village at South River.

Fourth Cliff is on the north end of Humarock at the confluence of the North River and South River. This ocean bluff has hosted the Forth Cliff USAF Reservation since 1942 when observation bunkers were installed to protect Massachusetts’ coastline during WWII. Today it is the site of the Fourth Cliff Family Recreation Area offering accommodations to Air Force personnel and spectacular views of New Inlet and the “Spit” at the mouth of the North River for the public.

Humarock Business Directory and Map

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