Storm Update

Storm Summary

Scituate’s Emergency Management Team is thankful to all of our citizens who cooperated with coastal evacuations and staying off the roads so the DPW could keep our roads clear for emergency apparatus and safe for our residents to travel following this significant storm.  We were fortunate to meet all of our Town’s emergency needs without any apparent injuries. Between fire and police we responded to 138 emergency calls during the storm and many were done with high water vehicles during the peak of the storm. The National Guard high water rescue vehicles and police vehicles were critical to our success.

National Grid reports at one point we had over 600 homes without power but all were restored overnight. Eversource workers were able to mitigate the few power outages we encountered in Humarock. Our Emergency operations Center was opened at 7am Thursday and will shut down today at 2pm. Our Emergency shelter was opened at 7am Thursday and assisted 15 residents who needed shelter, thank you to our shelter team. I would like to thank all of the firefighters, police officers, and DPW crews who worked throughout the storm. DPW did a great job keeping our roads clear and public safety were able to mitigate a structure fire in its early stages, perform 40 high water rescues, responds to gas leaks and multiple medical emergencies. Our new Town Administrator, Jim Boudreau, worked alongside public safety officials throughout the storm to make sure we had the resources we needed for this storm. Welcome to Scituate Jim!

Overall the storm brought us approximately 10” of snow in blizzard conditions, major flooding along most of our coastline and some power issues as expected. We were fortunate this was a quick moving storm with only one high tide impacting us. Our Building and electrical inspectors were out evaluating our coastal homes first thing this morning to make sure these homes are safe for occupancy following this coastal event. We did receive over 16” of ocean water along Front St. which we haven’t encountered since the 91’ No Name Storm.  Businesses along Front Street were inspected by health officials this morning to be sure they are safe and ready for business.

Frigid conditions will continue through the weekend so please take steps to keep your homes and family warm and safe. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation during this challenging storm.


Stay Safe!

Scituate Emergency Management Agency