Storm Advisory #1 March 12, 2018

Scituate will be impacted by its 3rd Nor’easter this year starting tonight sometime before midnight. The major impact from this storm will be the snow & wind. We are forecast to receive 12-18” of heavy snow lasting into Tuesday evening. Winds are expected to be steady northeast 30-40 mph with gusts in the 50’s throughout much of the day. Due to the ongoing heavy snow and high winds we are under a blizzard warning which will likely last through Tuesday afternoon.

Unfortunately the snow will be on the heavier side which may lead to scattered power outages. Please prepare for this today, tomorrow will be too late. Make sure your generators are operational, you have sufficient fuel, and they are placed well away from any doors or windows with the exhaust facing away from your home. Please do not put generators in your basement; this will likely create a dangerous carbon monoxide issue throughout your home. Also make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Many batteries are likely low in voltage due to the long duration power outages last week.

We will likely encounter minor coastal flooding due to high winds during high tide at 9:15am, and the peak winds should occur after this tide. Fortunately we have astronomically low high tides, even with a 3’ storm surge predicted we should not receive any moderate to major flooding as long as we don’t encounter any seawall issues. The coastline recovery is still ongoing; please keep clear of these areas this week to allow the DPW to get these areas cleaned up.

Travel tomorrow will be extremely difficult and dangerous. We are asking everyone stay off the roads due to potential white out conditions, falling trees, branches and downed wires.  Be extremely careful if you shovel near the roadways as it will be very difficult for plow drivers to see you due to the restricted visibility.

We have consulted with National Grid and Eversource and have requested extra crews to be staged in Town. Please prepare to keep your family safe during this high impact storm. The Town of Scituate Public Safety personnel are prepared and ready to keep our community safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay Safe,

Scituate Emergency Management Team