Humarock Fire Station 4 Project

Fire Station 4

The Town of Scituate is moving forward with the construction of your new Humarock Fire Station 4. We are excited to get started with this project to replace this aging station with a modern facility that will serve our entire Scituate community, especially those who live & visit Humarock. 

Monday April 5th our Station 4 firefighters and apparatus will be relocated to the Fourth Cliff Recreation Base for the duration of construction. We are very appreciative of the Air Force Recreation Base for allowing us to house our personnel and equipment at that location. Responding from Fourth Cliff allows our fire department to continue provide our emergency response services in a timely manner, maintaining a presence in Humarock during construction was essential to our service to this area of Town.

The building will be prepared for demolition which is scheduled to be started by Monday April 12th. Following demolition, the site work, foundation, and infrastructure work will begin. Our goal is to have this building substantially completed by the end of October. We appreciate your patience and ask that everyone keep clear of the construction site for your safety as there will be a lot of moving parts and equipment on site.

To reduce the burden on our taxpayers we have partnered with the South Shore Vo-Tech to build the handicapped ramp that will be on the rear of the building. The collaboration with the Vo-Tech is greatly appreciated and we are happy that some of our young local talent will be part of this project. 

The new building will be built to the latest construction requirements and FEMA flood standards to continue to improve our resiliency in public safety and emergency management. This building will improve our operations and communications capabilities for decades to come. We would like to say thank you to the citizens of Scituate with their support with this project and the support of the Scituate Fire Department.

Stay well and be safe!