The Scituate Board of Selectmen is seeking three to five citizens interested in serving a one-year term of the Scituate Charter Review Committee (SCRC).

The SCRC will look for potential conflicts with current statutes and regulations, outdated methodologies and structures, best practices, gender neutrality, inefficiencies, conflicts within the Charter and other changes.

Applicants should send a statement of interest along with their resume including experience and qualifications by 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 31 to Lorraine Devin, Executive Assistant to the Board of Selectmen, Scituate Town Hall, 600 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Scituate, MA 02066. Applications can also be submitted by email to
For the full SCRC charge, visit

Questions should be directed to Lorraine Devin at 781-545-8740.

What is a Town Charter?
Like the United States and the state we live in, our town has a constitution -- although it's called a charter. This document defines how our municipality is organized, how it functions and all related procedures. Charters are granted by a higher authority, generally the state legislature or by a referendum passed by eligible voters. Here is a link to the Town of Scituate Charter for your review: