►I'm turning 65 and going on Medicare next month. What are my options for health insurance and when can I enroll?

Traditional Medicare comes in two parts. Part A hospital insurance and part B outpatient/doctor coverage. Both have deductibles and coinsurance payments.
Part A is usually free if you have enough credits under social security. Part B premium of $110.50 and higher based on your income, is deducted from your social security check, or if you do not receive social security yet, will be billed to you.

A Medicare Beneficiary has four basic choices: Rely on Traditional Medicare alone; Add prescription drug coverage (Medicare part D) to traditional Medicare by joining a Medicare prescription Drug Plan; Purchase a Medicare Supplement plan to fill in the gaps not covered by traditional Medicare or choose a Medicare Advantage Plan (an HMO, PPO and PFFS) that combines Medicare A, B and sometimes D under a private insurance company to provide the benefits you are entitled to under Medicare and in some cases, additional benefits.

When turning 65 you have up to three months before the month of your 65th birthday, and within six months of your effective date for Medicare B to enroll.
In addition there are over 40 private prescription drug plans available to Massachusetts residents, to make the best choice for you depends on your medications and variables such as deductibles and copays within each plan offering.

For further discussion of your unique situation and other benefits, such as the Prescription Advantage plan for assistance with prescription drug costs, make a confidential appointment with our SHINE representative, Norm Tetrault.