Renewable Energy Plan and Projects

Scituate was designation as a Green Community in 2011 by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs which assists municipalities find clean energy solutions that reduce long-term energy costs and strengthen local economies. EOEA provides technical assistance and financial support for municipal initiatives to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy in public buildings, facilities and schools. Since then Scituate has been involved in several renewable energy projects and initiatives such as the following:

  • Selected as a Solarize Mass pilot community in 2011, the Town installed a solar array on town’s capped landfill in 2012. The 30 solar PV systems had a total capacity of 115.2 kilowatts
  • Installed a wind turbine at the WWTP of the Driftway in April 2012 receiving its first net metering credit a month later from National Grid.
  • Acquired 3 electric hybrid municipal vehicles and installed a charging station at Town Hall

The combined generating capacity of the wind turbine and solar array produces 100 to 110 percent of the town’s electrical needs. Revenue from the two projects is projected to be $500,000 annually. Combined with anticipated reductions in energy costs through ESPC program improvements, this revenue has provided Scituate with budget flexibility that has offset debt service for new construction.