We are expecting 12-18” on the south shore beginning late morning. This storm is associated with high winds. Be prepared in case power goes out. This storm will be of several hours duration. At this time we do not anticipate severe coastal flooding impacts but we will get over wash in the usual areas in Humarock, Lighthouse, Cole Parking, Rebecca, Surfside, Turner and Oceanside. Access to these areas will be restricted as conditions deteriorate.

The latest forecast from Chief Murphy:

 Overall the storm should come as predicted. Some of the snow amounts have increased; we may get closer to 15+”. The winds have increased to 30-35mph steady w/gusts in the 50’s. It is NE now expecting to turn north midafternoon & NW by early evening lasting through tomorrow. The storm has slowed by a couple of hours which actually helps us with the morning tide. With the 1’ surge the tide height is expected to be around 12.2 around 9:30am. This will likely bring splash over & minor flooding to Cole Pkwy, Mill Wharf lot, intersection of Lighthouse & Rebecca, & Central Ave. Loss of power is a concern as snow will start out as wet snow then turning colder and the snow may freeze to the trees followed by a lighter snow (lots of it) and significant winds. The worst of the storm should be about noon to 8pm ending by 11pm. This will follow with continued heavy NW winds and extreme cold through tomorrow.

National Grid and Eversource have already increased staffing for their south shore district. Please remember that power outages cannot be addressed if the wind is over 35 mph. STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED WIRES and report to the Scituate Police Department: 781-545-1212. Please use 911 FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

All town and school buildings and the library are closed. All scheduled board and committee meeting are cancelled. The Transfer Station is CLOSED and it is likely will be closed tomorrow.

Help us help you: Please help our Fire Department by keeping hydrants clear.

A reminder that roads will be plowed in accordance with the Town’s Snow Removal Policy: main streets and arteries first for public safety, then arterial and school route streets, then private ways.  Although the Town will have 55 pieces of equipment on the road, heavy snow may result in longer than usual pass times for your neighborhood. Please be patient and stay safe.

Additional updates will be provided as necessary or warranted. Welcome to winter!

National Grid power outage telephone number: 1-800-465-1212

Eversource power outage telephone number: 1-800-592-2000

Awarded 2017 Kenneth Pickard Award by the Massachusetts Municipal Association for Town of Scituate weather and emergency   communications