CAC Minutes Oct 13 2015

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Scituate Coastal Advisory Commission

Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016



George Simmons, Richard Harding, Patrick Reilly, Frank Snow, Kevin Cafferty (DPW), Nancy Durfee (CRO) , Peggy Dinger, Maura Curran (Selectman Liaison)


7:00 PM


Motion to accept the agenda made by Kevin Cafferty, Seconded by Richard Harding




  • Maura Curran opened the meeting and conducted a brief overview of the mission and goals of the CAC. The CAC was created to act as a review committee reporting to the Board of Selectmen to identify a global approach to Scituate’s Coastal challenges as it relates to seawalls, coastal erosion, sea level rise and the impact it all has on Scituate to develop a strategic plan that includes a projected timeline and financing options. The ultimate goal is to create a documented plan for future guidance and financial planning.


  • Kevin Cafferty opened up the meeting by providing a brief update on the status of our coastal conditions, the projects in progress to address a variety of issues; Seawalls, Beach Renourishment.  Nancy Durfee also provided the committee on a number of grants that her office is pursuing and the focus of her most recent time to create an RFP for an engineering study of Scituate’s entire coastline.  This engineering study will be paid by a grant won through an application process through the State. Nancy suggested that the committee read the Coastal Erosion report that has been compiled by the State.


  • Discussion and Vote of a Chairperson and Secretary was moved to the next meeting due to the absence of a few new members.


New Business:


Next Agenda to include election of chairs and secretary and addition to examination of the mission to develop 6-12-18 month goals and objectives.  Nancy Durfee suggested the committee visit the Hazard Mitigation site to begin some self-education where a lot of information resides regarding coastal conditions of Scituate.


Next Meeting(s):

  • October 27, 2015 at the SHS Library


8:30 PM Motion to Adjourn:  Richard Harding, Seconded by George Simmons